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Wrongful Death Lawyer Eugene OR

Lane County Personal Injury Claim Attorney

Nothing can be done to bring your loved one back — but something can be done to make sure your family doesn't suffer financially any more than they already have. You may be entitled to compensation for the loss of your family member, and the experienced attorneys at Arnold Law Office, LLC, in Eugene, Oregon, can help you bring your case.

We have extensive experience helping Oregon families pursue wrongful death claims. While these cases are never easy, we know what it takes to be successful. We will provide you with straight talk and sound legal advice as we work hard to achieve the compensation you need.

Get the compensation your family deserves. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with an experienced wrongful death lawyer.

You Need As Much as Possible

Oregon law places limits on non-economic damages in wrongful death cases, making it extremely important to maximize your settlement now. You need to make sure you get a fair settlement in your case that focuses on important issues such as loss of future income.

We strive to maximize settlements by treating every case as if it were going to trial. We line up expert witnesses and work with economists to determine what sort of wages and lifetime earnings your loved one would have earned throughout his or her life.

Personal Injury Claims

Along with the wrongful death claim, you can file a personal injury claim on behalf of the estate. We can help you file your personal injury claim and make sure the estate receives a proper recovery.

We know it is extremely difficult, both legally and emotionally, to deal with these issues, but in the end, a wrongful death lawsuit is the best way to look out for your family after losing the financial support of a loved one. To speak to an attorney today call us at 541-272-3143 .

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